//top 3 hidden beaches in El Salvador

top 3 hidden beaches in El Salvador

in this article we tell you about the 3 best beaches that are a good location to go to if you don’t want to be like all the other tourist… El Tunco, El Zonte El Cuco and Las flores, we know they are nice or known by the main tourist.

Playa El Palmarcito

Playa El Palmarcito is one of the best kept secrets of El Salvador. A nice beach located between El Tunco and El Zonte. Not touristic with a few locations to eat and one of the best hostels in El Salvador. Don’t be surprised if you walk on the beach and be the only one there (during the weekend it’s a bit more crowded)  

Playa El Esteron

Playa El Esteron boasts the frills of seclusion and beauty, making it one of the best kept coastal secrets of El Salvador. Consider renting a kayak for the day and cruising through the network of mangrove tunnels

Playa El Tamarindo

After taking the coastal road it is necessary to make a journey of more than 12 kilometers of rugged road but it is worth it, because once in El Tamarindo, you can tan without problem in a solitary, almost private environment, or dive into this sea, whose waves are almost a caress for the visitor.
The name of the beach is precisely due to the abundance in the tropical fruit area known as tamarind.
Due to its characteristics, El Tamarindo is one of the recommended places for those looking to relax in a quiet environment.
The little waves and the shallow depth of water in the area is perfect for diving, boating or ATV or practicing some sports such as swimming, fishing, volleyball and beach soccer.