tropico inn

The Tropico inn hotel was founded at 1976 and worked until 1980. After to resurge at 1985 like Turisticas de Oriente C.V. society, with the idea to offer to San Miguel city a strong job source and even invest its patrimony with the objetive of generate profitability also with mind of what city could deserve a prestige hotel was opened.

The hotel is located in easy to access area, it is in the San Miguel city entry over Panamericana highway and with that, through to the time was generating trust in comercial activities, so it is in a place of high development around it were built malls, hospitals and medical clinics. Similarly, thanks to hotel was formed a night safe view. Tropico inn Hotel is a secure institution and with quality,so was visited by delegations of ambassadors, chancellors, international and governmental organisms (ministers, deputies, mayors and presidents of the three branches of government) were often visited the area.

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