Surf Strong

Surf Strong was established in 2014, with the mission to provide a healthy lifestyle to children, inspiring a love for community, environment, and self, through surfing.  In our pilot program, located in El Salvador, many of our participants live in communities where gang violence and drug abuse is becoming increasingly common.  Because the schools only run for half-days, our participants have large amounts of free time, and often have no adult supervision for hours at a time.  Surf Strong works to fill the days of these kids, providing English lessons and surfing classes.


In addition to surfing and English, we work on a variety of other personal and social skills that are needed, such as responsibility, respect, determination, integrity, and kindness, among others.  We also place an importance on non-violent conflict resolution, and taking care of the beach and your community by respecting the environment.  The kids don’t love picking up trash on the beach, but every time they become a little more disgusted by the people that trash their beach.  These kids are learning to be leaders within their communities and among their peers.  It is the hope of Surf Strong, that these surfers are the seeds of change for a stronger, healthier coastal community.

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