• Las Cruces, El Salvador

San Antonio Hotel-Boutique

San Antonio Hotel Boutique is located at Km 74.3 road that leads to Santa Ana Sonsonate, in the Canton Las Cruces. It is located in a place surrounded by vegetation and a pleasant climate. Enjoy a lovely stay and rap the beautiful landscapes and flowers that adorn the place.

The hotel features an elegant and cozy decor. Its beautiful gardens foster a pleasant atmosphere and very quiet so you can relax. You can walk its green areas and know the place without worry.

Accommodation options

The hotel offers you 11 rooms. Each has a double bed, private bath, hot shower, cable TV and WIFI. If you like, you can add a single bed for an additional cost.

If your idea is to travel in a group, you can choose to rent your cabin. It is fully equipped to make your stay a pleasant experience. The cottage has 2 single beds, one double, two sofa bed, refrigerator, stove, microwave, private bathroom, hot water, cable TV and WIFI.

Rest close to nature

The green areas are spaces to rest accompanied by a rich cup of coffee, enjoy breakfast or simply watch the sunset. It has playgrounds for children can enjoy with their parents.

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