Mizata Point Resort


We here at Mizata Point Resort understand that surfers have the whole world to choose from to surf. While we think our wave is a standout, what we really offer here at Mizata Point Resort is the total experience. Not only do you have an uncrowded point break and 3 uncrowded  beach breaks within a few minutes walk to choose from, you are taken care of like family from the minute you enter the lush tropical grounds of Mizata Point Resort until you depart for home. We have been operating now for four years and understand surfers needs and desires and do our very best to accommodate them.

Mizata Point Resort was created to provide a comfortable, quiet, safe and relaxing environment for those who are tired of the noisy surf destinations.The owner/manager is an American, who traveled throughout El Salvador looking for accomidations that he was used to . Not being able to find them, he decided to build them himself. Mizata is about 90 minutes from Comalapa,San Salvador’s International airport. It is a very small, quaint town, mostly populated by farmers and fishermen, and friendly local surfers. Situated halfway between La Libertad and Sonsonate, it has several breaks, the most famous being the point break, thus the name, Mizata Point.

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