La casa alegre

Casa Alegre is an independent non-profit project, initiated with family and self-management resources; maintained, since its opening, for the work of its founders William Araujo and Paola Lorenzana.

La Casa Alegre has implemented a process of Artistic Residence that remains open to the different needs of / as artists who have visited or want to visit. To date we have visited artists from different disciplines and around the world taking of El Salvador the memory of Joy and Joy leaving some of his country.

La Casita is designed to be operated artistically, it maintains its original adobe construction and a second plant with which it sought to contrast. It has 3 rooms that are rented by booking via email. The priority is always space for the artist or the residences format is to create specific times and in some cases funds for residences through the artist, La Casa Alegre or projects are managed.

We are near the park, behind the Municipal Auditorium and will be located because next door is a beautiful mural created by youth of the community and buscaniguas Studio.

To date we have had an average of 2 activities per month during the first year and from year 3 1 bimonthly activity in Joy, ranging from exhibitions within La Casa Alegre installation art, painting, photography, drawing, ceramics , digital art, clay, etc. Until seasons of dance, concerts, plays, workshops for children, youth and adults / as in crafts, stencil, murals, engravings, photography, clothing, breakdance and more.

The agenda and results of activities are posted on the blog and disclosed in the Facebook group: La Casa Alegre !! And our blog is visited by many people from all over the world having an average daily traffic of 500 visitors.

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