The Hotel and Restaurant Las Margaritas was launched on November 8 2008, but two years earlier had begun construction of the access road and some cabins.

The location of this cozy hotel was a legacy, many years ago the heirs not wanted this place because the land was not suitable for cultivation and had too many stones. It was then given to one of the family’s daughter named Margarita.

The legacy was passed to the children of Margarita, them formed a partnership, because one of them has a wife named Margarita, and there are also two girls in the family who share the name Margarita, was decided the name “Las Margaritas” for the establishment.

Our hotel provides a variety of services and a 100% natural landscapes, a cool and quiet place, with cabins to rest in, they do not have TV in order to make our guests for a moment leave behind the stress of everyday life and can be found themselves and with nature.

Currently we have eight cabins, restaurant, lounge, two kiosks, two pools, a fast soccer field made of artificial grass, local crafts, three bridges of high ropes, bar, gazebos and a large area for camping.

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