• Playa el Amatal, El Salvador

Hotel Rancho King

Hotel Rancho King is a resort that was born in El Salvador in 2010. It was created in an effort to give consumers something different and Salvadoran novel where they can feel at home.

We are located in Playa El Amatal (ocean view) La Libertad, just 45 minutes from San Salvador. Its capacity covers more than qinientas people. We have a service of highly trained and qualified staff to give good service to our visitors. Our atmosphere is totally familiar with hours from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. We offer comfortable rooms fully service (12 hours) with air conditioning and cable TV.

Our main interest is that our visitors have an unforgettable trip and repetitive. We get all kinds of people and we have special packages for tourists who wish to visit, it will be a pleasure to serve.

The mission of our company is to provide quality service to our customers as our greatest interest them. Similarly, we focus on providing a completely familiar and tourist services, thus creating a new and satisfying our consumers atmosphere.

We focus on being an innovative and productive company with high potential in service and able to provide quality care to our guests staff.

It is in our interest to ecology and environment so we are committed to protecting the endangered turtles, why we have committed to creating a nursery and thus release the hatchlings with “Live Blue”. We also help providers around us to create a better productivity decent work to fishers The Amatal.

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