• El Tunco, El Salvador

Hotel Casa Miramar

Hotel Casa Miramar offers a unique, warm, friendly and comfortable place to stay during your visit to El Salvador.

First as a house and then as a Hotel, Casa Miramar was the first Hotel in the whole El Tunco area, established in the early 1990.

Strategically located, Hotel Casa Miramar is the perfect place to stay if you are looking to enjoy a world-class wave.

Right in front of the Hotel there is a surf sport called La Bocana. La Bocana is El Salvador’s best left hand surf break which offers barrels and powerful waves for advanced surfers.

Within one minute walking distance you’ll find La Bocanita. A famous short but powerful beach break which is paradise for aerials masters and high speed maneuvers.

Keep walking for two more minutes and you’ll be right in front of the longest wave within El Salvador, called El Sunzal. This surf spot is perfect for beginners, long boarders and even advanced surfers.

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