hotels we recommend El Tunco

Roca Sunzal
Roca Sunzal Hotel offers accommodation on the beach front of El Tunco. It’s a nice and clean hotel with on-site bar, free private parking and wifi (of course!). What is great about Roca Suznal is that it’s directly in the middle of El Tunco, so it’s close to any type of wave (El Sunzal, La Bocana, La Bocanita). Every room is air-conditioned and features a flat-screen TV. I think that the best part of this hotel is it’s view from the beach front restaurant, the swimming pool and that there is an ATM at the property so you don’t have to walk far away.

Boca Olas
If you’re looking for a more fancy and quite type of hotel, go to Boca Olas. It’s at the entrance of El Tunco in a more quite area. You’ll stay just infornt of the fast La Bocana wave and you’ll have privacy and be away from the bars and clubs, so you can focus on your surfing and relaxing. There is an outdoor pool, terrace, on-site bard, wifi, billiard and private parking. Every room is air conditioned and features a flat-screen TV.

Eco del Mar
Eco del Mar is a small, very chilled boutique hotel with friendly staff. It’s perfect for people who want to meet other surfers and who prefer to stay somewhere where it’s quite. I used to go to Eco del Mar to eat their healthy burritos and drink cappucinos  in thier swimming pool Rooms are air-conditioned, have wifi, there is free private parking, security and I loved their terraces with hammocks. It’s in a walking distance to La Bocana wave.

Papaya Lodge
For all backpackers or people who prefer more party, vibrant and fun atmosphere I recommend Papaya Lodge hostel. It’s in the heart of El Tunco, very close to all bars and clubs and in a walking distance from all waves. You can meet backpacers from all around the world and schedule some surf lessons with the local surfers who are always near the hostel.

La Guitarra
I recommend La Guitarra as a great option for your long term stay. You can rent one of their bungalows with a private bathroom and a terrace with a hammock. I stayed there for almost five months and it felt like my second home, because the staff was very friendly. It is very close to the beach and lot of people lived there long-term. La Guitarra is known for it’s live music restaurant that hosts local bands every Friday and Saturday. This is great if you enjoy music, otherwise it could be too loud for you. I loved it becasue for a period of my life I felt like living in a music & surf festival It was a great experience and I hope to return back soon.