//Diving in El Salvador

Diving in El Salvador

we asked Mark Al a Padi IDC STAF instructor about diving in El Salvador.

I came to El Salvador a year ago to start a Hostel in Playa El Palmarcito, and starting my own dive-centre in the future (la libertad diving), after a few weeks i had to dive… so i went looking for a dive-centre. i ended up at Pacific Paradise Divers(PPD).

A dive-centre that just opened it doors with 2 great owners. After the dive we talked and they asked if i could help them out at PPD, i love diving so why not. The dive location for PPD is Lake Ilopango a great lake/crater, where you can dive into active volcano.

we often go to the “fumalores” where you feel the warm water from the vulcano. This for me is one of the most special dive sites there is… in a lake.

First we go with the boat and you can see the beauty of the crater. Then you descent in the middle of the lake, on a volcano in a volcano. There you have a wall where you can feel the warm water coming out off the rocks. When you go to the top of the “volcano” you can see the warmer water rising. At first a small crack where you can see and feel it but if you search you can find spots of 2 meter where you can swim true the warm water.

if you are interested in diving a active volcano you can contact Pacific Paradise Divers